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Every sincere study of the "Judeo-Christian tradition" is inevitably leading to the origin of that tradition: the Great Mother. It is sad to see, that even feminist theologians - because of fear to lose their place under the patriarchal sun - are pulling out here. Hence, the Mother Church having no other choice, but to think about founding its own "theological" school. The future curriculum will consist of at least four parts. The first - called matrilogy, from Matrix - will include the study of the Great Mother in all her aspects: Mother herstory, mythology, scriptures, exegesis, spirituality, ethics, liturgy etc.

"God is born out of the Mother", hence, the second part being theology/thealogy, a discpline embedded in its original (maternal) context. Emphasis is laid on Self-realization, mystical experience and feminine/masculine images of God. In its turn "God/the Goddess gave birth to the universe", the third part thus consisting of cosmo-gaiology (universe/earth science). Finally, the last part - the science of (wo)man - will include anthropology/ hu(wo)manistics. The revolutionary thing is, that apart from introducing the "mother of theology" - matrilogy - every part is integrated in a meaningful whole, according to the cosmogony of the Mother.We are very eager to make some sort of a start with our matrilogical school in the nearby future. Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

In order to achieve all this the Church - in close collaboration with The Matrix - is aiming at establishing a Matricenter, the future International Head("Womb")quarters of the The Original Tradition. The center will include possibilities for teaching, training, study, worship, retreat, mission and conferences. All branches of the Matrix: The Original Tradition, The Mother Church*Church of the Mother, Stone/Vessel Mysticism (Judaism, Islam, Holy Grail), Great Mother Hinduism, Taoism, Shinto and Buddhism, will be represented. At the Matricenter "Unity in diversity" of all religions will be put into practice. People from all cultural/religious backgrounds will find their home there. The Center will radiate the Truth of The Great Mother as the Ultimate Reality, together with a feminine world view transforming alle levels of society. Currently we are in a stage of contacting people worldwide. If you feel like involving yourself - in some way or another - in the creating of the Matricenter, please let us know.  


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