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Reborn Groups

Reborn Groups (home meetings) are organized by the members of the Church. Their aim: A Joyous Life through kicking the habit of self-addiction, (including Taking Refuge in the Mother and Full Moon Celebrations).
See: www.originaltrad.faithweb.com 

Reborn Retreats

Retreats are held regularly. They have a very important function in the Church. It is an opportunity to be "your Self connected". There are two types of retreat. One is "spiritual fasting" with fasting, body cleansing, massage, heaven & earth exercises (tiendi qigong), teaching, Q and A (satsang), emotional self-integration, walking in nature etc., the other one is the Zen fasting sesshin, in which "sitting" will be emphasized.
See: www.originaltrad.faithweb.com

The Reborn Order

The spiritual nobility of the Church. Their mission includes: Spiritual Service-Health Service- Community Service. Those who are interested in becoming a member may contact us.
See: www.originaltrad.faithweb.com


Pilgrimages are held at least once a year. The purpose is to receive inspiration and to "re-sanctify" holy places. Pilgrimages will often be combined with spiritual fasting. They can be divided between 1. Archeological Mother sites (a.o. Barnanez/ Neolithic/France, Malta, Philae, Ephese, Crete, Black or Shrine Madonna's) 2. Participating in local practices (Compostela, St.Marie de la Mer, Africa, Bali, Taiwan, Ryuku islands, Haiti etc.) and 3. Sacred places in nature (holy mountains, caves, jungle, desert). See also: http://www.arthistory.sbc.edu/sacredplaces/sacredplacesintro.html

Mother & Sons
Unity in diversity of all religions

The Mother is all-embracing, the great religions are Her Sons. Hence, the Mother Church offers her service promoting dialogue, understanding, exchange, learning, reconciliation and friendship among various religious groups.


The humanitarian effort of the Mother Church includes her FreeWorldHealthCare, made available to everyone.
See: http://welcome.to/FreeWHC/ in particular Step 1

DasuŽ Publications

This non-profit branch is aiming at translating, publishing and distributing of the DasuŽ, the Sacred Book of the MATRIX, Original Great Mother Tradition. As you may have seen in our opening page, many of its books/chapters are still published in Dutch only. Please, help us with translating, donating etc. of the complete DasuŽ in English to begin with! What we need are translators, a printing facility and a PR/distribution team. The location could be anywhere in the world.

You may send your donation as international postal cheque or direct transfer to bank account ABN/AMRO ABNANL 2A, nr. of H. Stiekema, POB 10355, 1001 EJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands mentioning "Donation DasuŽ Publications".

Mail Order
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Bao yŁ and oil
(Chinese jade stone for Guasha)

Card with Magna Mater
Card with Cosmic Womb
Card with the Holy Grail
Card with Enlightenment
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