The Cosmic Womb (black) giving birth to the Divine (white, yellow) and the universe (green)


(Educational Project)

Mother Church
Church of the Mother

"There are two types of people: one that seek freedom
(spirituality), the other seeking security (religion). Both needs
are genuine. Because of his/her love for the people
a true master is offering both.

The Mother Church * Church of the Mother is
a virtual project, aimed at people, who feel attracted by the Great Mother as the Ultimate Reality and a New World based on feminine values, yet wanting to stay within the framework of Christianity. Since the established religious institutions increasingly fail to provide the necessary renewal of religious life, we consider it as utmost important to at least try -
however incomplete - to fill the gap. It is not
as a concrete initiative, but consists
of a series of essays, which may help you
in getting inspiration, encouragement
and compassion. 

The Mother Church* Church of the Mother
is part of the
The Original (Great Mother) Tradition

HMS' teachings are universal, including all traditions. Being Nothing he embraces
everything, without identifying himself with any particular philosophy or belief.
He neither has followers, nor has he established any organization. His
passion is to be available to every sincere seeker...

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