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The Mother Church * The Church of the Mother considers the Community as the foundation of life. It corresponds with the Mothers' aspect of interconnectedness. The Community is a part of Her body. Because of this, no life can exist on its own. Extreme individualism like we experience in this "postmodern" times proves to be a disease. This fact is being emphasized by modern physics and ecology. The entire universe is a web in which plants, rocks, rivers, electrons, animals, clouds, bacteria and humans cannot exist without each other. Hence, the need of restoring the Wholeness of life.

With regard to the Community the Mother Church emphasizes the principle of "being your Self connected". Which means that she cares for both the vertical aspect - being rooted in "Heaven" - as well as the horizontal aspects of life - being rooted in the earth. The consequences of this are far reaching. Because every human being has a divine Spark within, nothing less than Self sovereignty will satisfy the need for having a meaningful life. At the same time the need for being together, to share and to be responsible for one's direct surroundings has to be taken in consideration.

Re-organizing the Community has the highest priority. The Churches' efforts are based on three pillars: The Great Learning, the Consociative Society according to Johannes Althusius and a society organized along matricentrical lines. The first goes back to one of the four Confucian classics in which it is said: "In order to rule the state, you first have to manage your estates well. In order to manage your estates well, you first should bring your private relationships into order. In order to harmonize your personal relationships you first should be balanced yourself". Self- realization with subsequent drawing of concentric circles around oneself - from the Self to the family, from the family to the neighborhood, from the neighborhood to the commune etc. - is where it is all about.

Strive for Enlightenment, restructure your life
while serving others

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